About Me

Brandi Lea is the founder and executive director of Beauty for Ashes Worldwide, Inc. 

Brandi is a single mama to 3 at home in the mountains of Colorado and to the 38 kiddos who call her mama in Uganda. She is passionate about deep healing, justice and taking care of both victims of injustice as well as those that serve them. Brandi leads the day to day operations of Beauty for Ashes Uganda, working closely with our Ugandan staff. She also coordinates SoulCare as well as continued development of relationships and providing safe spaces for her SoulCare Sisters as they do hard and holy work around the world. On the side, she walks with victims of injustice through their healing journey. She recently co-authored an e-book about healing prayer 

Brandi regularly speaks at youth groups, churches women's retreats, conferences and other speaking events about issues of justice, personal healing, getting involved in organizations around the world and more. 

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