"If non profits look at donors as simply checks to be written, we are no better than the injustices we fight that exploit others. We must choose to truly SEE our donors and want the best for them as well as those we serve. This means connecting them to projects that make them feel most alive - even if those projects are with another organization!" - Brandi Lea

We are committed to using your dollars wisely in ways that change the world and inspire your passion

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100% of your donation goes directly to the project!

The US Board raises all US Administration costs separately! (You can even choose this as a giving option)

We are committed to:

Financial Transparency

All 990s and updated financial reports are

available upon request!

Wise Stewardship / Best Practices

Wise Stewardship and Best Practices are reflected when we recognize the sacrifice made by donors and use dollars wisely as well as think through long-term consequences of development. We seek to remain in partnership with leaders in our fields to stay up to date on the best practices for accounting, sustainable development and more. Our staff are committed to an understanding that donors are often sacrificing much to give and each dollar must be handled with care, spent only on things that are in line with the donor's intention and our mission.

Donor Connection

We LOVE hearing YOUR heart. We want YOU to give in a way and to a project that fuels your passion. When you give to a specific project, the money is earmarked for that project (or village) and not used for any other purpose. We provide regular feedback to donors on where their money is going as information is available to us from the field (if you've given to Beauty for Ashes Uganda) or after retreats happen (if you've given to SoulCare Retreats) If you join a village, you are invited to a private FB group that is updated monthly with stories and photos from your village. If you give to fund a well, photos and videos are provided after their well opening ceremony. While at times, when working internationally, this can be tricky, it is always our goal to keep you in as close of contact with the difference you are making as possible!

You can even come VISIT your village! We take "villager" trips every summer and joining a village qualifies you to apply to come meet YOUR mamas in person!