Beauty For Ashes Worldwide exists to promote justice and champion value for victims of injustice and those that serve them

Beauty for Ashes Uganda seeks to offer both empowerment and deep healing to single mamas and widows in the Teso Region of Uganda. We are honored to walk with 1,180 mamas and their families offering women's cooperatives, Literacy+ Training for mamas as well as school fees for their children and clean water projects for their entire village!

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SoulCare Retreats exist to serve and care for leaders who serve and care for the world. We host two free retreats each year, intentionally designed to offer rest, reminders of belovedness and community to weary world-changers. Each retreat serves 8 non-profit leading women, each referred by another leader who has come before them.

*SoulCare Deeper and Deeper Still retreats in process to offer deeper levels of healing and community

Beauty for Ashes Uganda

From the mouths of Mamas

"I used to have no hope, now I have hope and a sisterhood."

--Doreen, Cheele Village

"We were forgotten. But now, we are a seen people. We feel seen and loved."

--chairperson, Aparisa Village

From the mouths of Donors

"This program means a lot to me and has changed my life for the better. I wanted something so much that I felt like I was really a part of, not just gave money to. I feel like I belong to something so beautiful now. We love our mamas so much."

-Britah Neuman, Advocate for Adeta Village


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SoulCare Retreats



"Being a woman running a nonprofit is often crazy work and rest is hard to come by. SoulCare Retreats gives a chance to connect to other nonprofit leaders who know the battle and​ gives them a chance to unload and rest." --Karen Aldrich, His Urban Presence

"SoulCare was so much more than a retreat. It has created a network of sisters spanning the globe who do hard and holy things. I am so thankful to have been united to these fierce women through SoulCare Retreats." - Sarah Ray, Yobel Market

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